Monash Warwick Alliance: leading the way in university collaboration


Early in 2012, the UK’s University of Warwick and Australia’s Monash University announced an alliance to establish each as “globally networked universities”. Distinct from more traditional transnational university partnerships, the Monash Warwick Alliance is innovative in its depth of integration, penetrating every layer of the university fabric. Students benefit from a seamless international experience, researchers jointly address world problems, while professional staff engage in a fluid exchange of people and ideas. Now in its second term, the Alliance has delivered exceptional results and established itself as a role model for UK–Australian collaboration, cemented by several awards. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing! Join the discussion on the successes and challenges of the Alliance to date and gain valuable insights into building and operating a resilient transnational university partnership.

Learning objectives

Successful partnerships in higher education rely on more than just positive research and education outcomes. This session will provide participants with an understanding of several critical success factors such as governance, communication, finance and human capital, which have kept the Monash Warwick Alliance alive through several changes in leadership and strategy.

Participants will learn about the benefits that long-term partnerships can deliver including those that are often overlooked, such as organisational learning, and about tried-and-tested solutions to common obstacles and challenges faced by partnerships. Examples of concrete lessons learnt by the Monash Warwick Alliance will be given to enable participants to apply the information to their own practice.  

Tania Zahorskaya, University of Warwick; Allan Mahler, Monash University

International Partnerships Manager

Monash University

Allan Mahler is the International Partnerships Manager within the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement. He leads the Alliance Project Team and has been working on the alliance with Warwick University since 2013. Allan holds a master’s degree in diplomacy and international trade and has been working in the international higher education sector in a variety of roles for more than 10 years.