Data and analysis of the global education agent landscape


Education agencies play a vital role in the recruitment of international students. From large global companies to sole traders, the landscape of education agencies is multi-faceted. This presentation will uncover insights into the global education agent industry through an exploration of data captured in PIER’s market intelligence platform. Topics covered will include education agent perceptions on the international education market, analysis of global agency business activity and education agent opinions on provider best practice.

Learning objectives

Participants will be given a macro view of global education agency business activity to inform marketing and recruitment activity. The session will present a range of opinions and perspectives on education agent perceptions of the international education market, provider best practice and compliance issues, giving participants insights into the industry beyond their own context.

Luke Latimer, International Education Services

Director of Digital Operations

International Education Services

Luke Latimer’s passion is to create unique learning experiences for individuals by providing forward-thinking, seamless digital experiences within real-world educational environments. Luke is the Director of Digital Operations at International Education Services, where he brings more than 15 years of experience in building digital platforms across a broad range of industries. He is responsible for leading a team in the creation and development of digital products and services that position IES as a global leader in education for the 21st century.