Accreditation and TNEs: practical approaches to aligning the spirit and the letter of the law on all locations


Delivering award courses far away from the home campus is challenging. Doing so with cultural and legal variances is even more so. Yet legislative and accrediting bodies require parity and equity across locations in content, delivery, staffing and services. Moreover, students want to have the home university experiences on their terms in their cultural context. How can universities balance these demands without losing their identity and brand? Some practical approaches will be explored in this presentation.

Learning objectives

Participants will be made familiar with a variety of approaches to measure, execute and customise some of the requirements of accrediting bodies across locations, particularly the ones required in Australian higher education. Participants will also be shown ways to construct arguments for equity, but not sameness, and how to manage the Australian cultural imperative of sameness and fairness with differing international contexts.

Dr Nathalie Collins, Edith Cowan University

Academic Director (National Programs)

Edith Cowan University

Dr Nathalie Collins is the Academic Director (National Programs) at Edith Cowan University (ECU). She has worked in the corporate and academic sides of higher education and in domestic and international markets. Nathalie has qualifications in philosophy, marketing, electronic communications and information management. At present she is the Director of ECU’s Melbourne and Sydney locations. She is also the coordinator of the South West campus and international mobility for the School of Business and Law. Her area of industry and academic expertise is authenticity and its value in interactions between people, especially in a business context and usually in management and marketing.