Work integrated learning (WIL) to scale – delivery of virtual work experience programs


Relevant work experience during study is highly valued by employers. Job seekers can gain business-specific skills through an internship, but internships can often be difficult to secure. Virtual internships are the next evolution of work placements. Online work experience simulates the work graduates undertake in leading companies but provides flexibility to students, particularly those with complicated time commitments or those isolated by geography. Using practical examples from Navitas Professional’s Global Corporate Virtual Internship, participants will gain an understanding of what a virtual work experience entails along with the possibilities of bespoke virtual internships. Delivered by key stakeholders in the virtual work placement environment – providers, industry and students – this session will give attendees a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities virtual internships provide and how they will affect the future of work-integrated learning.

Learning objectives

 The learning objectives of this session are to:

*demonstrate the emerging value of virtual work experience

*demonstrate how virtual work experience is a win-win for all stakeholders by providing positive feedback from education

*providers, industry and international students

*understand the experiences of key stakeholders in the delivery of virtual internships – education providers, industry and students

*understand the flexibility and scalability of this work-integrated learning activity

*spark inspiration in participants’ minds as to the endless opportunities possible with virtual experience.

Celine Huor, Navitas

National Partnerships Manager


National Partnerships Manager, Navitas, Australia_x000D_ Celine Huor is a young professional who is passionate about eEdtTech and innovation in eEducation. Celine is originally from Paris, France, where she started her career with Microsoft in eEducation. and She has recently moved across to Sydney, as National Partnerships Manager for Navitas Professional. As part of her role, Celine helps uUniversities and eEducation providers across Australia to design and deliver tailored and innovative wWork iIntegrated lLearning solutions.