Shared or private room? A comprehensive analysis of international students’ preferences regarding student accommodation

Every year more than 600,000 international students enrolled to study in Australia. In this session will provide a better understanding of the preferences and expectations of international students in relation to accommodation options in Australia. The study is based on more than 3000 enquiry responses from international students from different parts of the world searching for accommodation options in Australia.

These enquiries were made before the students left their country, thus it showcases the differences between the student expectations with the reality of the Australian housing market. This session is a great opportunity to better understand the preferences international students in the important topic of student accommodation. 

Learning objectives: This session will equip audiences to understand the preferences of international students in Australia regarding accommodation options to support their recruitment and learn student support strategies. In addition, we will illustrate how the use of data can assist education providers to understand the differences between the student expectations with the reality of the Australian housing market.

Keri Ramirez, Studymove; Ricardo Gutierrez Patarroyo, Bedssi

Managing Director


Keri Ramirez is an economist with 10 years of experience in international education. In the past five years, Keri has conducted benchmarking for international universities and developed marketing intelligence reports and online marketing strategies for universities in Australia, Europe, the US and Latin America. He previously worked at Macquarie University in the International Office as the Online Marketing Coordinator. During this time he coordinated the Virtual Marketing Network, a group of 10 Australian universities executing several online strategies and sharing initiatives to promote student recruitment through online channels. Also during his time at Macquarie University he received the HEIST International Silver Award for the Best International Recruitment Strategy worldwide.