The future of marketing for the education industry


As information has become more transparent than ever, the role of education agents must also evolve. By examining the difficulties education agents face during student recruitment and marketing activities, this session will uncover the new ways of marketing by studying business cases from our and other industries. The second half of the session will discuss how the core functions of education agents should change in the era of artificial intelligence, 5G and mobile-centred service delivery. The flaws of the traditional agent-provider relationship will be reviewed and new ways that agents and providers can cooperate to build the education industry will be discussed.

Learning objectives

Through discussion of market trends, participants will gain understanding of why traditional marketing methods have become less effective. By studying business cases from other industries (e.g. Alibaba), education agents and providers will gain insight into how marketing has changed in the modern era and how to adapt to this change. Participants will be given opportunities to think about how to build the relationship between agents and providers to suit the future world.

Sean Dong, Education Consultants Association of Australia

Director of Marketing and Communications

Education Consultants Association of Australia

Sean Dong is an experienced Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1066448) and Qualified Education Agent (QEAC F294). As the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Education Consultants Association of Australia, Sean has organised training sessions involving the Department of Education, Department of Home Affairs and the Ombudsman to improve the knowledge of education consultants and education providers. Sean has been actively exploring innovative ways of marketing. In 2015, Sean founded the non-for-profit organisation Elite Talks Inc., which so far has hosted 18 free inspirational speech events for international students and young professionals in Melbourne and Sydney. The events have attracted more than 10,000 attendees in total and more than 300,000 live viewers online. Speakers include Mr Zhang Yong (Daniel), CEO, Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA); Mr William Lye OAM, Barrister; Mr Jimmy Pham AM, Founder of KOTO; Ms Cathy Li, Partner, PwC; Mr Gary Cheung, Partner, Deloitte Private Wealth; Mr Yang Guang, Chairman of UED (User Experience Design), Alibaba Group; and Mr Bao Hoang, Founder and CEO of Roll’d. The Alibaba night powered by Elite Talks at ICC Sydney had more than 2400 attendees, which was one of the largest Chinese events in Australia.