Meeting challenges and managing change: reimagining and reinventing an international school


Canning College, a Western Australian government school, has been a highly successful provider of international education since 1986. A feature of the college has been a vibrant mix of international and local students. In December 2017, the Western Australian Department of Education directed that from the start of 2019 the college would no longer enrol local students and would be resourced completely from the enrolment of international students – massive change, massive challenge. This session will explore how the college has responded to the challenge and will focus on the strategies adopted to ensure that the college remains a first choice option for international students. There is much in the challenge and the college's response that is relevant to any school, pathway provider or government education provider.

Learning objectives

Attendees will consider the Canning College experience with regard to change management, working with government, collaboration between the school and university sector, marketing pathway education, developing teaching and learning and enhancing the student experience. Strategies adopted by Canning College to enhance international operations at a time of major disruption will be shared, which will be relevant to schools and pathway providers and all those who are striving to create the best possible environment for international students.

Maria Leslie, Canning College; Wayne Axford, Canning College


Canning College

Wayne started teaching international students in 1990. He has visited mainland China and Hong Kong numerous times since 2011 to promote Canning College to agents, parents and prospective students. Wayne played a key role in transitioning the college to an organisation that only enrolled international students in 2019.